Does Music Really Help You Focus? 


Addison Traylor, Writer

“Plenty of people swear by music as a helpful tool for studying and working. Others find it impossible to concentrate with any background noise at all,” said Healthline. There are many different responses, and opinions to this. 

 “Depending on the kind of music, it may be a distraction, but music can also be good for focus and memory,” said Connections Academy. It could be Olivia Rodrigo, Travis Scott, or just simple background music. It doesn’t matter what teens listen to as long as it helps people concentrate on the one thing kids need to be focusing on. Franny Smith, eighth grader said, “I know only certain types of music helps me focus, if I listen to really upbeat or rap it gets me distracted from what I need to do.” Music isn’t for everyone, but maybe kids just need to be able to find the right kind they like.  

At 87%, listening to music was the most popular side activity for those who balanced studying with another activity,” said Seattle Pi. There are many different things said to this. Maddie Hosea, eighth grader, she said, “Music helps distract me from the bad things going on in my life and helps me focus on school and the happy things.” When students are going through something awful in their life that they might think about all the time something that can get it off their mind is music. said, “In some cases, students have found that music helps them with memorization, likely by creating a positive mood, which indirectly boosts memory formation.”  When listening to music it will give teens motivation to do what they need to get done. In some cases, upbeat music could be good for the motivation part of focusing, but in other cases it could distract you. When they are trying to memorize something, music can message the brain and get you to work.   

 Webmd said, “This evidence suggests that’s music is more likely to benefit your studying and your performance if you enjoy it.” Yet homework, tests, and exams can be stressful to some students any kind of genre kids like will not only help teens with focusing, but can also help with a positive mood, memories, and lower stress levels.