Boys Basketball: A look at this season


Katie Bucher, Writer

John Feldbruege, seventh grader, said, “My favorite part of the season are the practices when we get to do fun stuff.” The sixth-grade boys have a current record of 10-5, the seventh-grade boys are 13-0, and the eighth-grade boys are also undefeated with a 13-0 record. “Moving forward in the season, we hope to win the region this year,” said Charlie Messmer, eighth grader.

For the 2021-2022 season, the sixth-grade A team coach is Mr. Kirtis Yurchak and has 13 players. The sixth-grade B team coach is Mr. Rob Gabbard and has 12 players. The seventh-grade coach is Mr. Mike Vories and has 12 players. The eighth-grade coach is Mr. Scott Kraus and has 11 players. The middle school has one eighth grader playing high school, Vinny Listerman. Listerman said, “I miss playing with the guys and the chemistry I have with them and not having a chance to win region with them.”  Despite the loss of a couple players from previous years, the boys are pushing for regionals.

The boys played their first game of the season on Dec. 2, 2021, against Saint Pius. The sixth-grade team suffered a loss, but both the seventh and eighth grade teams pulled out a win. The boys practice about 4-5 days a week and keep pushing to improve. Coach Kraus said, “Every time we are in the gym, I learn more about what their strengths and weaknesses are.  This allows me to be able to put them in the best position to be successful.”

This season coaches and players have less restrictions due to Covid. Players and spectators are not required to wear a mask. There is also not a limit on the number of spectators in stands this year. The boys’ teams have not experienced Covid problems, but they had some cancellations from other teams.

Each team has something they want to work for this season. The sixth-grade teams just want to get used to playing with each other and start developing for the years to come. Andrew Forton, sixth grader, said, “My favorite part of the season is getting to hang with my friends.”

The seventh-grade team has played with each other before, so they know the game and each other well. But there is always room to improve and keep moving forward. Feldbruege said, “We hope to just keep pushing and keep on winning”

The eighth-grade team wants to focus on getting better, so they are prepared for the high school season next year. Coach Kraus said, “My main focus moving forward is to keep developing the players into varsity basketball players.  I want to make sure each player is focused, hungry, and willing to be selfless.  If we can accomplish these things, we will have a very successful year.” The season is just about halfway through, and the eighth-grade team took the championship at the Beechwood Holiday Tournament. “It was great winning, and we played great and played great defense,” said Messmer.

Overall, the coaches and players are optimistic for a great season for all three teams. The boys’ teams have lots of talent and are enjoying this season. With there being little to no Covid restrictions, this season is getting back to normal.





Pictured above is Mikey Abner playing Twenhofel in their January 13th game