Two is Better than One


Jenny Rosenthal, Writer


“I think having two sisters as coaches is very unique and not many other teams are lucky enough to have sisters as coaches,” said eighth grader, Franny Smith. Ms. Samantha Reynolds is a 2013 Highlands alum and is cheering her sixth season for the Cincinnati Bengals. Her sister, Ms. Megan Reynolds, is a 2016 Highlands alum, and is cheering her first season for the Cincinnati Bengals. Are you starting to see a pattern?  The best part is that they are both coaching students in the cheer program.

Sam and Megan have been close their whole lives. They both graduated from Northern Kentucky University and danced on the dance team. After Sam graduated, she became the middle school dance team coach for two years then later got offered to be Northern Kentucky University’s dance coach. Sam was NKU’s dance coach for two years until she decided to come back to the nest as Highlands High school’s Varsity dance coach. She took this opportunity because it had always been her dream to be the coach of the varsity dance team. “I came back to the Highlands dance program because I have wanted to be the varsity dance coach my whole life. Being back in the nest with my sister was extremely important to me, and I could not wait to get started,” said Sam.  Sam is also a teacher at Woodfill Elementary School.

Megan graduated from NKU in 2020. In 2021, she became the middle school dance coach. This year was Megan’s first year as a Cincinnati Bengal Cheerleader. “It’s an extremely unique experience to get to do what I am passionate about with my best friend. It is a huge blessing that not many people are lucky enough to have, so I am very grateful to share it with her,” said Megan. She loves sharing the amazing experience with her sister.  “Being Ben-Gals together has been incredibly enjoyable. Continuing our dance careers past the collegiate level was always of dream of ours, but we never expected to be dancing together for the same NFL team. The NFL is a dream come true in and of itself, and being together is a cherry on top,” said Megan. The NFL changed Megan’s life for the better. The sisters are extremely excited to be informed that they get to go to the Superbowl and experience this amazing opportunity.

Sam and Megan have been a part of the school’s dance program for as long as they remember. They are both HHS and HMS dance alums. “It is beneficial because they can tag team on different projects that they’re working on for our program, and they don’t just have to schedule meetings together. They can work on it at home which I think allows us to get a lot more stuff done within the program. It also might be easier to agree on stuff since they are closer and more alike,” said Smith. Sisters coaching together may have positives and negatives. In Sam’s opinion, “There are no negatives to sharing the experience; it creates a very dynamic environment and gives our program the benefit of having a close-knit coaches.” Sam’s loves the experience of sharing her biggest passion coaching people to do what she loves.

The sisters have created a sense of unity between the middle school and the high school. Elise Hellmann, eighth grader, said, “What makes Sam and Megan such great coaches is that they are very good at working together which makes our program very put together and a great environment for everyone.”

The sisters coach together, dance together, and overall do everything together. The teams that they coach love having the benefit of being able to be coached by two people that are so united in providing the best experience for all the dancers. This experience is one of a kind but shared by two.



Pictured above are the HMS dance team’s coaches, sisters Sam and Megan Reynolds