Comal Brings New Favors


Kaitlyn Ryan, Writer

How do tacos say grace? Lettuce pray! There is a new taco restaurant coming to Fort Thomas. Comal will be a family-style taco restaurant with a menu full of recipes from places the owners have collected in their travels. Mr. Michael Messmer and Mrs. Leticia Messmer moved from Houston to Fort Thomas to make their dream of owning and operating a family focused restaurant that features food and memorable experiences. They both have much experience in the culinary world. Michael has had more than 30 years in the business but counts 25 as a chef.

They have been to many places and learned to cook all different kinds of foods. Michael hopes to cooperate in some of the French and Italian meals he has learned to make into taco form. There will be vegetarian and vegan options, as well. They plan to have taco shells made with jicama, a juicer version of a potato. When he slices it super thin he can make a tortilla out of it. It is also great if you are on a keto diet. They even thought of giving families the option to make tacos themselves.

Mr. and Mrs. Messmer specifically chose Fort Thomas to start their business. She said, “We wanted to be close to family in a neighborhood that is known for being friendly, safe, and has good schools.” Mr. Messmer is a native-born Kentuckian and his wife fell in love with the beautiful mountains and seasons. Mrs. Messmer was born in Mexico City but raised in San Antonio, Texas. They chose to make tacos because they love the idea of sharing all the flavors from their travels and experience from Michael’s hometown. Mrs. Messmer said, “We want our neighbors to enjoy good bites and good drinks with unique and not-so traditional menu items; like Vegetarian Jicama Tacos accompanied with a Hibiscus Mint Raspa. Quick, easy, light, and full of flavor!”

Fort Thomas residents have been patiently waiting for a sample menu, it is full of authentic recipes. The Messmers have been building their kitchen and awaiting all the pieces, “Once we have things in place, we will begin creating menu items and holding tasting parties. We want our community to be a part of the decision making,” said Mrs. Messmer. 18 North Fort Thomas Avenue, vacated by Colonel’s Kitchen and Catering. The menu will be a living document that will change and expand. They will have weekly specials and family meals. The Mesmer’s love Fort Thomas so far. They love how many people are out walking, hiking, and supporting their local business. “We have been very happy here, and we think this is a great place to set down our roots and grow with this community,” said Mrs. Messmer.

The Messmers would like to build their carryout operation while they get settled and figure out what Fort Thomas likes. Later in their business, they may add a sit-down dining option, but for now with the pandemic they will stick to carryout. The Messmers planned to open their new restaurant at the end of February for carry-out only, but they will be working on Phase II that will have a dining area.