The Winter Reading Challenge


Bailey McDowell, Writer

Come February 1, announcements for the annual Winter reading Challenge rang through the halls. The Winter Reading Challenge is an annual contest within the school in which first-period classes and individual students, compete for prizes just by reading. This challenge started on Feb. 1, 2022. Mrs. Stephanie Griffith, the Librarian, said “A ‘Book’ for this purpose of this competition is defined as a fiction or nonfiction and a minimum of 80 pages.” This book does not have to come from the library. To register a book, students and teachers can find registration forms on on most Language Arts pages. If not found on the Language Arts page, students can go to the Library Media Center.


On Team 8-1 students are getting extra help with this competition. Ms. Miki Beier, Language Arts teacher, said, “Students can register a book they have read during the Winter Reading Challenge by following the directions set out by Ms. Griffith.” When directions come out, students can find submission slips on Once the challenge starts, Ms. Beier will bring back “Reading Fridays.” Reading Fridays are days where the class period is dedicated to reading. Students in Ms. Beier’s class have only read for 20 minutes during class in the past. If students in Ms. Beier’s first-period class win, she has offered to give students an additional donut party.


Team 8-2 is also being offered some encouragement. Mrs. Amy Fry, Language Arts teacher, said, “In the past, students have filled out a Google form.” Based on past evidence students can assume that this year’s submission form can be a Google Form as well. Mrs. Fry has also said,” All Language Arts classes (6-8) already have time set aside each Friday to read.” Students in Mrs. Fry’s classes have claimed 10-15 minutes of reading during class. If Mrs. Fry’s class wins, Mrs. Fry said, “I will offer additional incentives to my 1st period.”


On team 7-1, people can visualize the noses of students and teachers buried in books. Mr. Rob McCoy, Language Arts, said, “I copied the entire folder from the media center page and put it in all of my classes.” Students in Mr. McCoy’s classes can go to to this folder. Mr. McCoy also said, “We will definitely be promoting the reading challenge by allowing time on Fridays for everyone to read!”


On team 7-2, students and teachers alike have hit the books regarding the challenge. Mr.  Brian Alessandro, Language Arts teacher, said, “They could fill out a google form.” When this Google Form is posted, students in Mr. Alessandro’s class can find this form on Mr. Alessandro also said, “We read for 20 minutes in our LA classes, but this is actually a Reading Encore, so we read daily anyway.” If Mr. Alessandro’s class wins, Mr. Alessandro has agreed to give an extra prize to his class.


On team 6-1, the number of minutes reads in the classroom will soon soar.  Mrs. Karen Kampschmidt, Language Arts teacher, said, “They will use the Google Form that Mrs. Griffith posts from the library to report their reading.” The Google Form will be posted in the Library Media Center. “We already do Reading Fridays! Every week we dedicate some time to reading; perhaps during the Winter Reading Challenge, we may add some time on an additional day as well,” said Ms. Kampschmidt. If Mrs. Kampschmidt’s class wins, she said, “My first period is an amazing group of students; they generously gave to the canned food drive, and I know they will step up for the Winter Reading Challenge as well.”


On team 6-2, students have been flying back and forth between the library and their classes. Mrs. Sally Brewer, Language Arts teacher, said, “On Feb. 1, I will post the link from Mrs. Griffith that students will fill out after they’ve finished reading a book. I will remind students that they are supposed to fill out slips on books they read/finish between Feb. 1- Mar. 4 only.” Mrs. Brewer said, “To increase reading in classes, I will provide extra class time for silent reading. We may do a Reading Friday midway through the challenge.” If Mrs. Brewer’s class wins, she said, “It would be awesome if my 1st period won the Winter Reading Challenge! Regardless, I will definitely do something special for my ‘top readers’ to reward them for their hard work.”