Blue and White


Kaitlyn Dixon, Writer

The bleachers are packed with fans. Everyone can hear the roar of the crowd all around

the stadium. “And the kick is good for the Highlands Bluebirds,” said the announcer. These are just some of the sights and sounds of a middle school football game. The Middle School Football League is part of the Fort Thomas Junior Football League. They are not technically part of the Highlands football program, but they wear Highlands’ jerseys.

The season for the middle schoolers started in July with a day filled with seven-on-seven games. This gave the coaches a chance to look at all of the talent and find out what players could do. The last game was on October 30. The season was about 3 months long, but so much was accomplished in 3 months. The eighth grade class is the largest class to ever go through the middle school. That is an advantage when it comes to football.

The players were split up into two different teams, one Blue and one White. The Blue team had 27 people and the White had 28. The White team had a record of four wins and one loss and the Blue won five and lost two. Olly Lozier, an eighth grade football player, plays on the White team. He said, “This is my first year that I have ever played football, but it was really enjoyable.”

Aiden Duncan, an eighth grader, said, “I like getting to play with all of my friends.”  He started playing at age 4. Duncan is now a wide receiver and safety for the White team. The eighth grade teams played various other schools, including Campbell County, Holmes, North Laurel, and many more. The season for the eighth graders ended in a battle between the two in the league championship. Brandon Cook, father and coach, said, “The season was a huge success! Both teams reached the championship and brought home two trophies. The players did a great job adapting this year. A new offensive and defensive system were implemented to try and prepare the young men for high school.” The Blue team came out on top, but the White team put up a huge fight.

The seventh grade was all on one team, instead of two separate teams. They played many other schools including Campbell County, Tichenor, Boone County, and Beechwood. They had a record of 11 and 1. The last game that they played was against Covington Catholic, a huge rival of the Bluebirds. The score was 22 to 20, with the Birds coming out on top. Chase Jacob is a

seventh grade football player, who plays wide receiver, defensive back, and defensive end. Jacob scored two of the three touchdowns in the last game against Covington Catholic. “I was super excited scoring multiple touchdowns, especially in the last game. I am very grateful for our quarterback, Tayden (Lorenzen), because he gave me really nice throws that made my job easier.”

In addition to the coaches, the teams got help from high school football players. Lozier said, “They have already experienced it, and they can really help us get better.” Grayden Schurmer, a cornerback and receiver for the White team, said, “I really like having the high schoolers help us. They have already played eighth grade football and know what it is like.” After the championship game, it was very clear that the high school students that were helping out were very excited to be a part of the middle school experience for these seventh and eighth graders.