Running for the Future


Bella Jacob, Writer

“The Boys program getting second in the state meet was very special. All our kids are such hard workers. I am very proud of them” said Mr. Brian Alessandro, coach of Cross-Country team.  Even though the middle school team does not officially compete, many of the middle school runners were able to play-up and compete in some important competitions.

Regionals took place in Union, Kentucky. The girls finished third overall and the boys finished first overall. Ben Pfetzer, eighth grade runner, said, “We we’re all excited but scared that day. Once we got there, we were all prepared. It was a nice, chilly, sunny day and a great day to run. Some of us stayed until awards which were at 9:00 P.M., but it was worth the wait. We were all happy with what we accomplished and started preparing for state.” The boys ended up winning by nearly 100 points.

To prepare for regionals they practiced every day a week leading up to it.  Isa Neufath, eighth grade runner on the girls’ team said, “I wasn’t really happy with my overall time and score, but I’m glad I got to run.” Isa ranked 13th in that race.

After regionals the boys and girls team made it to state. Mr. Alessandro said, “They have been terrific. The teams are among the best, collectively, of any team in the state.” The race took place in Paris, Kentucky, and it was a cool sunny day. The boys’ team finished state runner up for the first time in school history. To better explain it, they finished 2nd out of 55 scoring teams. Charlie Herfel, eight grader, finished 18th place. Colin Glasgow, seventh grader, finished 25th. Chase Pawsat, eighth grader, finished in 37th place. Jacob Gubser, eighth grader, finished 45th. Henry Thompson, eighth grader, finished in 58th to finish scoring for the Birds. Sam Ruschman, eighth grader, finished 62nd.  James Donelan, sixth grader, finished 117th. Gabe Talbot, eighth grader, finished 22nd, Sid Jani, eighth garder, finished 26th and Ben Gallagher, eighth grader, finished 48th. Sid Jani and Ben Gallagar finished in the top 50 in the open race. A total of 55 schools ran in this race.

The girls’ team was ranked 24th in the state at the beginning of the year. The girls ended up finishing 11th at State. They were led by seventh grader Ella Taylor who finished 22nd, Eden Brumer finished closely behind. Adrienne Harris, Isa Neufarth, Sydney Houlihan, Sophie Taylor and Rosayn Brown finished off their scoring.

In conclusion, both the boys’ and girls’ cross-country team had a positive season. Many middle school students had great performances and got experience for future competitions.