Carlisle Park


Meredith Kleier, Writer

There are a total of eleven parks in Fort Thomas. There is Highland Park, Tower Park, and Rossford Park Riggs Memorial Park, Fort Thomas Soccer Park, Winkler Fields, Stoors Fields, River Road Fields, Shawnee Field, South Park Field, and the Upper and lower army reserve fields. The city announced it is adding a new park. The new park will be called Carlisle Park, and it will be located on Memorial Parkway.

The land that the new park will be on was donated by Mr. Wayne Carlisle. According to Fort Thomas Matters, “The city wants to honor the donor of the land by naming the park Carlisle Park.” The land was used as a place to dump dirt and rock from new building sites from all over Cincinnati. The land was later filled in to make it flat, and it has not been used since then.

Local realtor, Mrs. Megan Abner, said that the park will make for a beautiful entrance into Fort Thomas. She said, “It offers a park for people that live on Memorial Parkway.” The city has not announced what they are going to put in the park. “If they install pickle ball courts, that will satisfy a popular request from Fort Thomas residents that have been asking for courts.” The land has a great view of the skyline of Cincinnati. “I hope they incorporate this into the landscape of the new park,” said Mrs. Abner.

Fort Thomas City Council Member, Mr. Jeff Bezold, said that Mr. Carlisle insisted that the land would be a park. He said, “Mr. Carlisle included this as a stipulation during the gifting process.” The city has not decided what the park will include. “We do not have any specifics yet, but we should have some soon. We will need to work with the City of Newport on the details. They are receiving part of the property also as it is in the city limits,” said Mr. Bezold. The city council is open to any ideas people in Fort Thomas may have.

While any park is usually welcomed, there are many questions about traffic on Memorial Parkway.  “Anytime modifications are made to an area that has road frontage or access will affect traffic (increasing or decreasing).  We will work very closely with the state and the traffic specialist on this,” said Mr. Bezold.

When driving down Memorial Parkway heading to Newport, look to the left.  The construction company has already started breaking ground for park number 12, Carlisle Park.