What it’s like being a school broadcaster


Piperlyn Kramer, Writer

The camera rolls, “Good afternoon, Bluebirds.” A daily opening line for these broadcasting students. Henry Thompson, eighth grader, said “I come into the broadcasting room, sit at the recording table, and go over my lines. I hit record and start streaming the news.” Sounds like a busy morning for the broadcasting Bluebirds, but it is just routine for HMS News.

Students often see videos playing around the school, in the library, and the end of the hallway, all made possible by broadcasting students.  The class is only open to eighth graders, and they have to learn as they go.  Eden Hargis, eighth grader, said, “At first I was nervous, but being in broadcasting has let me show off my work to the school.” Another student Liza Zengal, eighth grader, said, “It looked fun, and something new that I had never done before. I liked being able to learn new things.”

Many students enjoy being a part of the broadcasting crew. Vinny Listerman, eighth grader, said, “I enjoy talking to people about the videos we make and how to improve them.” There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes and big responsibilities. Listerman said, “My job is the teleprompter, who writes the scripts.”

The broadcasting crew brings in new members every semester, so other students get the chance to experience the same thing. Elise Heilman, eighth grader, said, “I am excited about being a part of broadcasting next quarter. I think it will be a great experience, and it would help me conquer my fear of talking in front of others.”

Mrs. Stephanie Griffith, media specialist runs the class and directs the broadcasts.  She said, “I can see how this program grows and learns from the past students. The students this year are very determined and want to do the best work. I am excited what my next group brings in.”