Addison Tinkler, Writer

“Swimming can be very hard. Many people say that it’s not because they are used to swimming at a pool for fun,” said Matthew Meyers, an eighth-grade swimmer. Meyers believes that some people believe swimming is easy, but competitive swimmers know the truth. Although it takes dedication to compete, there are many benefits.

The is not really a middle school swim team.  If they want to swim, then they swim for the high school team. When middle schoolers are on high school teams, they must work harder than the actual high school students because they need to prove they are capable of being on that level.  Meyers said, “I practice 4-5 days a week for an hour and forty-five minutes to two hours including an on-land workout before.” Swimming takes a great deal of time and dedication. Even though to some it is too difficult, those who put in the work find that swimming can be rewarding. Carter Walsh, an eighth grade swimmer, said, “When I put in the work, I enjoy swimming a lot more because I can do more things, and I am able to accomplish goals.”

Swimming can bring friends closer together. Walsh said, “I have a lot of fun racing my friends at practices.” Many swimmers have a hard time figuring out the things they need to swim and having their friends there sometimes help makes the practice and or meet better. “When you swim with friends, it allows you to build healthy competition and work on sportsmanship. If you are on a team where you compete individually, it makes you really focus on trying to lift them up outside of the pool. That helps to improve on those friendships that you already established,” said Audrey Sorrentino, an eighth grade swimmer.

Swimming uses a lot of energy and can be very dangerous if not done correctly. Many people believe that swimming is an easy sport, and that it is very difficult to get hurt. What they don’t know is that every time someone incorrectly swims a stroke or every time someone doesn’t stretch before swimming, they are seriously endangering themselves from an injury that may affect their activity levels. Sorrentino said, “I stretch every day because when I don’t stretch my muscles close together, and I use them too much without loosening them.”

Even though swimming can be a fun and competitive sport. It takes dedication and knowledge to do it right for competitions. It is a way to stay in shape and develop relationships with the other swimmers.





Eli Pearson, pictured above, is swimming freestyle in one of their many meets.