7th Grade Academic Assembly


Riley Steinhauser, Writer

“The students need something to look forward to and work for each quarter besides just grades, and it is something fun for them to do,” said Mr. Scott Pahren, seventh grade math teacher.  The assembly for seventh grade academics is a new assembly which allows the students to celebrate their success as a grade. This is important because it can help students to be motivated do better in school because they are being rewarded.


The seventh grade Academic Pep Rally is held to celebrate student’s success in the first quarter. If the students didn’t have any missing assignments, were passing all their classes, and didn’t get in trouble the first quarter, they were allowed to participate in the games. The program runs for about an hour. They divide teams by classrooms and each class was assigned a color. Students play all kinds of games, like balloon toss, to see who can keep the balloon in the air the longest and cup stacking to see who can stack the cups the fastest. Chase Jacob, seventh grader, said, “My favorite game we played was probably dizzy bat race because it was funny to see everyone try and race each other after spinning in circles.” Aubree Colston said, “I love this new assembly because it really motivates me to do well in class, so we can have a day for fun games and hanging out with my friends.”


Each class was a team, and each team had a color. They all dressed up in the matching color shirts and some even wore more colored accessories like bandanas. Two or three classes would go against each other in a game, and they all were very competitive. Every time a team won, they would jump and celebrate by giving their teammates high fives or even a little victory dance. When the winner out of all the teams was announced, the crowd went wild. Everyone was screaming and cheering. Every class had team spirit and cheered for their friends even if they were on a different team. Mrs. Stephanie Ewald’s team actually won the competition.


Teachers also enjoyed this pep rally and loved to see the kids participating in the activities. Mr. Pahren, seventh grade math teacher, said, “My two favorite games were the Mummy Race and the Dizzy Bat Race. I noticed with those events more than others events the kids laughing and having a good time during them. Plus, it was entertaining to watch.” The teachers like the idea of a day to reward the students for their good grades and behavior so much that they decided to do it each quarter.


The second quarter was built around a holiday theme.  Students could sign up to go to one class to do activities.  For example, if a student went to Mr. Kevin Nieporte’s class, they decorated Christmas cookies.  In the café, students made gingerbread houses. In other classes there were movies and gaming.


These assemblies are something for the betterment of the school because they encourage students to do well in class and behave well. If they do, then they will be rewarded by getting to play games and doing activities with their friends.  Third quarter has just started, and the teachers are already planning the next seventh grade academic rewards.