The Aeronautic Circus


Jackson Brown, Writer

“I think that the aeronautic circus is an all-around good band because the band members have a good bond together, and they are producing the music on a professional level. It captures the emotions I’m feeling right now,” said Henry Thompson, eighth grader. The Aeronautic Circus is an experimental music band that consists of eighth grade students.

Although experimental music has an increase in 2020, small bands still have trouble getting exposure. They have 16 monthly listeners on Spotify but their most listened to song, “Gutter 32”, has over 3,500 listens.  The band includes: Flynn Cook, Gabriel McDermott, and Warren Deaton, eighth graders.  Each member of the band contributes to making the music each in his own unique ways.

Cook’s role in the band is to produce the music and create and sell t-shirts as merchandise. He said, “I produce the music, but everyone puts stuff in.” McDermott said, “Flynn produces the music, but I add to it. I like playing the guitar and sometimes I sing.” Deaton said “I work on songs, and I usually do vocals. My favorite part of the band is when we do live shows.”

The band started in an iMessage group in March of 2020. “The way the band got its name  originally was the band got its name because they listening to Neutral Milk Hotel’s “The Aeroplane Over the Sea” a lot, and it came from the word aeroplane in the song title. The circus part came to me when I was looking at a band name generator. I didn’t get the name from the generator I just thought of circus while I was using the generator,” said Cook. He also said, “The first album we ever tried to make, Referral, never got published and the only person who has the files isn’t even currently in the band.”

The band receives money from their music listeners and for their merchandise sales. Cook recorded that the band has earned $450 in total over the entire history of the band. Although they have gained that much money, none of the band members have used it for personal use. “We haven’t pocketed any the money. All of it goes to helping produce the music for the band,” said McDermott. “All of the money goes straight to a PayPal account that goes to keeping our music on Spotify and Bandcamp,” said Cook.

The Aeronautic Circus have an upcoming project which is a cover of Britney Spears’ “…Baby One More Time” and have a scheduled studio recording at a professional recording studio.  Since experimental music is a growing genre, The Aeronautic Circus’s music has potential to gain more followers and possibly make a profit.