The middle school transforms into School of Rock

The middle school transforms into School of Rock

Kaitlyn Ryan, Writer

In the movie School of Rock, Dewey Finn said, “Dude, I service society by rocking, OK? I’m out there on the front lines liberating people with my music.”  The annual middle school musical is set to begin production.  This year School of Rock comes to the stage.

Mr. Jason Burgess, drama teacher and director, said, “This year’s musical is School of Rock. The performances will be Thursday, January 27 through Sunday, January 30.” Auditions were open to the entire middle school.”

For those interested, some of the main characters from the show will be the same in the movie. “Some of the adults are Dewey Finn, Rosalie Mullins, Ned Schneebly, Patty Di Marco. Some of the students are Summer, Zach, Lawrence, Freddy, Katie, Tomika, Shonelle, Marcy, Billy, Mason, James, Sophie, and finally Madison,” said Mr. Burgess.  “There are a lot of main characters to audition for, but not everyone will get the chance to participate in this year’s musical. There are limited spots to sign up. Mr. Burgess said, “We usually have around 100 students involved in the middle school production.”

This Bluebird production has many things going on. The basic story line follows that of the movie. Overly enthusiastic guitar player Dewey Finn gets thrown out of his bar band and finds himself desperately in need of work. He poses as a substitute teacher in a high-class elementary school and introduces his students to hard rock. As he gets privileged and precocious charges in touch with their inner rock’n’roll animals, as he imagines redemption at the local Battle of the Bands.

Some students or parents might be concerned about the safety protocols. Mr. Burgess said “Everyone will wear masks for the time-being. Don’t worry you will have body microphones.”

After much deliberation, the cast is set.

Dewey Finn – Gabe McDermott

Rosalie Mullins – Norah Shadwell

Ned Schneebly – Harrison Schultz

Patty Di Marco – Nellie Albritton

Summer Hathaway – Ananya Thurongthaisakal

Zack Mooneyham – Spencer Ahlfeld

Tomika – Lorenza Schweizter

Lawrence – Henry Weghorst

Katie – Elliot Martin

Freddie Hamilton – Lela Bach

Marcy – Marlee Henry

Shonelle – Zoe Hyden

Mason – Eva Smith

Billy – Rafe Pinkson

James – Dee Robinson

Sophie – Katherine Heilman

Madison – Mya Lipniskis

Other Students in class – Meredith Mason, Lexi Toranno

Theo – Ben Pfetzer

Doug – Kit Valentine

Bob – Anna Gilkerson

Snake – Jake Hagerty

Stanley – Grace Burnett

Mr. Mooneyham (Zach’s Dad) – Siddhartha Jani

Mrs. Hathaway (Summer’s Mom) – Lucy Delaney

Mr. Williams – Logan Szymanski

Mrs. Spencer -Williams – Liza Zengel

Ms. Sheinkopf – Charlotte Weghorst

Gabe Brown – Charlotte Smith

Mr. Hamilton (Freddy’s Dad) – Ben Pfetzer

Mr. Sanford (Billy’s Dad) – Madden Menz

Mr. Sanders – Sam Leyshock

Ms. Gordon – Grace Burnett

Mr. Noble – Kit Valentine

Mr. Janes – Jake Hagerty

Mrs. Green – Anna Gilkerson

Ms. Bingham – Lily Anderson

Mr. Woodard – Chaney Russell

Ms. Macapugay – Caroline Eagen

Mrs. Wagner – Emme Wilke

Jeff – Maggie Taft

Mrs. Turner (Lawrence’s Mom) – Natalie Lorenz

Mrs. Travis – Sophie Uhl

Rehearsals began on Wednesday, November 10th.

So, “Now raise your goblet of rock. It’s a toast to those who rock!”