A Doctor with a Bun


Kaitlyn Dixon, Writer

A guy with a man bun, a speed walker and a new teacher. These are just a few ways that describe Mr. Jason Harnish, eighth grade American History teacher. He strives to be a funny, and engaging teacher and students are already giving feedback about his class.

Dr. Jason Harnish is a new teacher at the middle school. Previously, he worked at Highlands High School for six years. He taught philosophy and social studies during his time at the high school. Dr. Harnish has known that he wanted teaching to be a part of his life since he was in first or second grade. After leaving the high school, he moved to Korea. He and his wife love to travel. He lived in Korea for one year and really enjoyed his time there. When asked what his experience was there, he said, “It was truly amazing being there. I would highly recommend travel and learning about other cultures.”

When he moved back to the U.S., he started teaching at a local prison. When in prison, people have the choice of going to “school” and learning or not. Dr. Harnish was a teacher for those who chose to go to school. He taught all kinds of different people while he was there. Dr. Harnish said, “People can feel isolated and alone when in prison. Education is something that will take time and time is something you have a lot of while in prison.”

Mrs. Angela Cochran is an eighth-grade math teacher on team 8-1. She said, “Since he had his doctorate, I was being a little stereotypical and thought he wouldn’t be able to relate to middle school students. I openly admit I was very wrong. After meeting him before school started, I became very excited about having him on our team.” She was also asked if she knew Dr. Harnish from when her taught at the high school. She said, “I knew he once taught at the high school and everyone at the high school spoke very highly of him, but I had never met him.” She said that his transition as new teacher went very smoothly, and she is very excited to work with him.

Many eighth grade students are responding well to Dr. Harnish. Charity Class, and Annika McKenzie are both in Dr. Harnish’s first period class. Class said, “I really like how he interacts with kids, and he is really funny.” Class is excited to learn about the French and Indian War this year, and she is excited to see how Dr. Harnish teaches it. McKenzie said, “He is really funny, and he makes the class interesting.” McKenzie is excited to learn about the Civil War this year.

This is Dr. Harnish’s first year at the middle school, and he is really enjoying his time here so far. Sometimes, lucky people even get to see him with his hair down. He loves engaging with students and always wants the best for them. People see him speeding down the halls all the time, always interacting with them and making them laugh.  He loves engaging with students and always wants the best for them. “Education is an escape. I just want to be that escape for somebody,” said Dr. Harnish.