Mr. Schneider Seeks a New Experience


Madison Barlow, Writer

He is new to the middle school this year, but has been right next door for years now. The new Assistant Principal, Mr. Jeffrey Schneider has been at Highlands High School for the past nine years, and decided he needed a change and came to the middle school.

Mr. Schneider loves the outdoors and even owns a farm in Pendleton County. He spends a lot of time there with his three daughters: Ella, Olivia, and Gwen along with their dog Lou. “We love to deer hunt there and just hangout,” he said. His family also just bought a boat a couple of weeks ago. They have very busy lives; however, whenever they have free time, they always enjoy fishing on the new boat and hunting.

Another fun fact about Mr. Schneider is that he was named Kentucky’s Assistant Principal of the Year in 2019. Following his father who won the same award 30 years prior. This award is given to someone who has great leadership, contributes to the community, and provides opportunities for students to thrive in all areas. This award shows just how much Mr. Schneider is dedicated to the school and community around it. Along with the school, family is important to him too and between his kids and pet. He is always a busy person, keeping up with his kids while  co-running a school.

As for the work Mr. Schneider does at school, he likes to be proactive with his work and not make things harder than they have to be. Being organized is always important when running a school, company, or business in general. “Other unforeseen issues will always come up, but if you are organized from the beginning it allows more time to solve those other issues,” said Mr. Schneider. He has so much to do around the school such as going to meetings, checking up on teachers and their classrooms, or making sure everything runs smooth at lunch and throughout the day. Just in case any conflicts arise, he is ready to take them on.  He and Mrs. Erika Volpenhein, Principal, and the rest of the staff are working hard to making Highlands Middle School the number one school in the state. By getting students more involved with any activities from sports to student council. This, they said, will help shape the future of the middle school.

Mr. Schneider likes to interact with the students. He says “Good Morning” to the eighth graders at their entrance. He walks around the hallways and makes sure everyone is on their best behavior. Amelia Frommeyer, eighth grader, said, “I met him at the ambassador training, and he seemed like a supportive and nice person.” Many other students think he will fit right in with all the staff and students. “I think he will be a good fit at HMS because he always has everything under control and knows how to deal with bad behavior,” said Charlie Feldbruegge, seventh grader. Mr. Schneider says he is always trying to talk and get to know the students as best he can. Whether it’s at lunch when he’s monitoring the cafeteria or going into different classrooms talking and participating in what they are doing. “He has always been interested in students and the culture of Highlands,” said Mr. Jason Harnish, eight grade Social Studies Teacher. Mr. Harnish worked with Mr. Schneider while he was at the high school and says that he was extremely happy when he found out they would be working together again.

While Mr. Schneider has been nearby for many years, middle school is a very different experience than high school.  However, he is ready for the challenge of something new.  “There is still a lot for me to learn about the middle school,” said Mr. Schneider.