A Spring with No Music


Emme Orme, Staff Writers

For many live music lovers, spring was the most important season. Bands hit the road to kick off a busy concert season. But in the face of a global pandemic, the summer music season was on hold. As social distancing made performing live music and attending impossible. However, throughout the pandemic’s shutdown, artists have begun live streaming concerts on creative platforms. However, the show must go on.

In isolation, music is extremely necessary. It gives a connection in life. This is why many artists have decided to do live streams while in quarantine through social media platforms. The pandemic caused an uproar in live streaming, mini-concerts, and DJ sets. Though it isn’t seeing the full concert in person, these “concerts” are playing a huge role in keeping the world alive while everyone is in lockdown. Each live show is unique and unfiltered. Fans get to see a side of their idols that they wouldn’t usually get to see. Musicians have been offering these one-offs or regularly scheduled live performances since mid-March when cities and states began to mandate social distancing and quarantine.

John Legend and his wife Chrissy Teigen will usually create an Instagram Live for about an hour playing some of Legend’s songs. According to BBC.com another artist doing something like this is Elton John. John hosted a benefit concert with iHeartRadio. The online concert featured performances by Billie Eilish, Mariah Carey, and many more.

Many musicians have also turned to the internet to interact with their fanbases. Artists such as Diplo began a streaming series on Twitch called the Corona World Tour, with different DJ’s playing music. Some artists are even doing more than concerts such as Miley Cyrus and Charli XCX. They are doing things like mini talk shows.  A local band called “The Leftovers” is doing that as well.

The Leftovers play all over the Cincinnati area including Fort Thomas. The Leftovers have done a couple of things to try and keep the vibe and spirit of enjoying music alive during this challenging time. They have continued to practice regularly (and safely). While practicing they often hop on Facebook or Instagram Live. They have done one live in-person concert where they hosted a fundraiser for people who have been affected by Covid-19. They raised about $750 for the people in need. Mr. Tony Manyet, the lead singer of the band said, “This vibe and energy is hard to find anywhere else. When you see folks engaged in the song, remembering a good time from their past and smiling, singing along (and they know every word) at the top of their lungs, and dancing like a bunch of maniacs.  That gives us the feeling like we are providing an escape, for just a little while, and a venue to express some feelings of joy.”

Musicians have been performing all over the world for centuries, that is why they have found a new way.  Although it’s something to see and listen to, it’s not the same.  Overall, artists have been finding way to communicate with their fans. Whether it be talk shows or Instagram Lives.