The Airlines Suffer Big Losses Due to Covid-19


Jordyn McGraw, Staff Writer

According to the airline industry has lost nearly 100 billion dollars since the start of Covid-19. To show how much 100 billion is, Starbucks only uses about 4 billion cups a year. Not only the airlines are struggling, many other companies have had a decrease in customers including hotels, taxies/ ride share, and popular tourist attractions. Covid-19 has attacked every aspect of traveling.

The industry is trying to survive by introducing new safety measures. Mrs. Jackie McGraw, a Delta flight attendant, said, “Masks are required, air on all aircrafts, air is recirculated every 2-6 minutes with air from outside through special filters, all surfaces are sanitized, and the middle seats are not being sold.” She also said that they use a cleaning measure called fogging where this disinfectant fog covers the whole plane to kill pathogens. Many other airlines are not taking as many precautions, so obviously Delta’s tickets cost more than the average airline. In addition, Mrs. McGraw said, “I have to have my temperature checked and take frequent Covid-19 tests.   One thing that has made my job easier is that we no longer serve hot meals in first class, and we also don’t provide refreshments.” Before and after the flight involves a lot of cleaning, but during the flight is a lot easier. Although things look discouraging now, Delta seems to think this will be a long-term problem.

In the short term, the future of airlines does not look promising.  Mr. James Mitcheson, another flight attendant, answered this question. He said, “I predict luggage will need to be sanitized by Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) which is less work for flight attendants because they need to be out of the aisles and away from people.” Flight attendants and other employees will be used less to avoid interaction. Even with the possibility of these changes there might be something good that comes out of it. Mrs. McGraw said, “As an airline employee, Covid-19 has devastated our industry. So not many good things came out of it. But, if there was one thing, the planes have never been cleaner and that makes me happy.” According to an article in, “Airplane seat back trays are the dirtiest place on the airplane. The same study shows that trays have 2,155 CFU per square inch. That’s 8x higher than the toilet flush button.” Before Covid-19 the cleaning crew just did a pick-up of the isles primary to get rid of trash. Now employees are doing a deep clean before and after flights. The planes were extremely dirty, but thanks to Covid-19, the planes are germ free.

Covid-19 has hurt the airline industry in many ways.  The cost alone due to lack of travelers, extra safety precautions are just a few of the problems it faces.