Get out and Walk to School


Katie Thurnauer, Staff Writer

Walk to school day was on Friday, October 18. Walk to School Day is an annual event that encourages students to ditch the ride and walk. This event was led by The Future Fitness Leaders. The goal of this event was to try to get everyone active and help reduce pollution from driving. This day took much planning and provided activities for both people who could and could not walk to school.

Because not everyone was able to walk to school, the school provided exercise equipment outside of the front entrance. The Future Fitness Leaders wanted the people who weren’t able to walk to still get exercise. Some activities included jumping rope, lifting dumbbells, sit-up’s, pushups, and more. Those who walked to school or did the activities participated in a raffle for gift cards. Mr. Wesley Staff, P.E instructor, said, “Winners for the raffle were drawn randomly, so I don’t know the names of the people who actually won. We drew several times. I want to say 20 different gift cards were raffled away. The prizes were gift cards to various local restaurants such as Subway, Graeter’s, Fort Thomas coffee and Starbucks.”

For those who did walk to school, some had meeting places around town. They met at Fort Thomas Coffee, Moyer, Dance Realm, Marathon, and Subway. Belle Fischer, eighth grader, met up with friends of Fort Thomas Coffee. Fischer said, “I got a ride to Fort Thomas Coffee where I meet up with my friends. We had planned the night before to meet up and walk to rest of the way to school together.” She also said that teachers, Mr. Brian Alessandro, Mr. Collin Shadwell, and Mr. Ryan Augustin, were at Fort Thomas Coffee.

The fitness leaders’ class planned Walk to School Day from  the beginning of the year. Brynn Draper, eighth grader, said, “Walk to School Day was an event that help students and adults be more active and helps pollution.”  There were many stages taken while planning the event. They had to do everything from assign teachers’ meeting locations to call Kroger to ask for food donations. Nora Greiwe, eighth grader, said, “I was in charge of calling Kroger and seeing if they could donate food. We had to find out how many students we had an estimate the amount of food that should’ve been given.” Kroger donated fruits such as oranges, apples, and bananas. “New this year the students in our Fitness Leaders class planned the entire event. The hardest part was letting go and letting the students take control of doing all the planning,” said Mr. Staff.

Walk to School Day took weeks to plan and had many people involved. There were activities for both people who can and cannot walk to school so that everyone could get exercise.