E-cigarettes are not what they seem

E-cigarettes are a serious topic that many people don’t take seriously. The e-cigarette can affect people not just physically but mentally. It affects the human body and cost some their future.  E-cigarettes were originally developed to help cigarette smokers a way to quit or at least cut down on their smoking.  The noble beginning backfired and kids, who may never have started smoking, are now hooked on these e-cigarettes.

E-cigarettes are battery powered and deliver nicotine through a liquid, which turns into an aerosol when using the devices. Juuls is a name brand of e-cigarettes.  Juuls and other e-cigarettes offer a flavoring so that they taste good. These flavorings may seem like nothing harmful, but they really just make the situation worse. The juul heats up the flavoring and turns it into aerosol. According to American Lung Association, “The aerosol that students breathe in has chemicals (formaldehyde, heavy metals, and particles) that can get stuck in the deepest part of their lungs which can later cause cancer.”

E-cigarettes affects the human brain. The nicotine in them can slow down brain development. It’s harder to learn and concentrate after using this device. In some users damage is permanent and can affect students as an adult. Mr. Michael Howton, Principal, said, “I am concerned about how many children are using it at a young age. I just realized that the juul is the same amount of nicotine in a whole pack of cigarettes, and people think it’s healthier for you but it’s actually affecting you more.”

Using e-cigarettes don’t just cost money, but they cost their future. Juuling can have an impact on student’s school life. For example, a student might try to focus on their grades, but other things will get in the way such as meeting up with friends to Juul. Also, a student’s reputation be damaged as others might see them in a negative way. Their friends could drop them, and their social life will become more invisible. An anonymous student said, “I have learned from my mistakes and I have seen how I can have a better life without putting drugs in my body. My advice to everyone using e-cigarettes is to stop while you can. If you don’t it will affect your future.”

Affecting the human body and the cost of their future should be put into more concern.  So, the next time a commercial or news article pops up remember what the impact Juuling has on lives.