Fitness Leaders come to the rescue


Mrs. Brewer's LEAD class was the winner in the Hurricane Relief Competition

AnneMarie Sempier, Staff Writer

According to The Atlantic Magazine, Hurricane Dorian is widely regarded as now the strongest storm to ever hit the Bahamas. This natural catastrophe cost so many people to lose money, homes, and even their lives. The Bluebird Fitness Leaders set up a fundraiser to help people who were affected by this disaster.

According to USA Today, Hurricane Dorian was the most intense tropical storm to ever strike the Bahamas. It lasted from August 24, 2019 to September 10, 2019. Dorian caused 63 deaths, 70,000 people to lose their homes, eight billion dollars in damage and 282 people missing. Its highest wind speed was 183 mph. Dorian was hard for forecasters to predict.

Dorian started out as a mystery. Some maps said it would go inland, straight into Orlando, Florida.  Other maps said it would completely change and turn around back into the ocean. The hurricane defied predictions and went up the coast, all the way into Virginia. It caused much damage in a short time period.

The Fitness Leadership class decided they wanted to do something about this disaster. Mrs. Julie Schlarman, Health and P.E. teacher, was the lead advisor for this project, but The Bluebird Fitness Leaders class ran the project. The idea for this came during class while they were talking about the damage in the Bahamas from the hurricane. Mrs. Schlarman said, “The discussion led into a plan to help out the victims. The class decided to start the drive to collect items that they needed.” The students called to see what people needed, created posters, and talked with Michael Howton, Principal, about having a competition between the classes and included prizes for the winners.

Students collected the items from lead classes, advertised through posters, and sent messages through the announcement system. The total came to around 2,500 to 3,000 items. Matthew 25 Ministries came to the school, took the items and sent them to the areas affected by the hurricane. Mrs. Schlarman said, “Our motivation was to help others in need.” Students said that they felt this project was good because they got to help people in need. Alex Lancaster, seventh grader, said, “Well, I feel like everyone has the basic right to necessities. I might as well help them out.” She brought in toothpaste and tooth brushes.

Hurricane Dorian was a catastrophe that affected so many people’s lives. Students saw a need and made an effort to help. This will tremendously affect lives in a positive way. Olivia Clark-Tipton, eighth grader, said, “It makes me think about how much I have and how big an event can affect you.”