Getting to Know Mr. Rowe, Better


Jullian Kendall, Staff Writer

Every sixth grader has to take social studies. “I liked it when Mr. Rowe taught us about Egypt.”, said Brooks Hendrix, sixth grader. Mr. Zachary Rowe, 6-1 social studies teacher, is a native from Northern Kentucky and went to Loyola University for his double Bachelor’s Degree in music and history. He later went to Xavier University for his Master’s Degree in Secondary Education. Mr. Rowe started teaching in 2011 at a drop-out recovery high school in Cincinnati. However, most people don’t know that Mr. Rowe also plays in two bands during his free time.

Before coming here, Mr. Rowe taught at a drop out recovery high school in Cincinnati’s Over the Rhine for four years. A drop out Recovery high school is where students who dropped out of high school can re-enroll to get their diploma. During his time teaching at the high school, Mr. Rowe advocated for underprivileged students and juveniles from detention centers around the Cincinnati area.

In the past, Mr. Rowe used to teach guitar lessons, but then started teaching social studies.  “Teaching guitar lessons got me into education, but being a guitar major limits employment opportunities. I’m also passionate about studying history which is why teaching social studies became my focus,” said Mr. Rowe. “Mr. Rowe is funny and makes learning fun”, said Brooks Hendrix. Mr. Rowe enjoys teaching students about the constitution and American History. Special activities done in the classroom include Fun Craft Friday, Fun Movie Popcorn Friday, and listening to “Party in the USA” on Fridays in LEAD. “Mr. Rowe brings an energetic and creative energy to our team. He’s outgoing, talented, funny and silly,” said Mrs. Kampschmidt, 6-1 language arts teacher.

Mr. Rowe has a life outside of school, as do many teachers. Mr. Rowe enjoys gardening, practicing the harmonica, and performing music in his free time. Mr. Rowe plays in a band called Poor Hours with his future wife, Jenna. He plays the guitar. He also plays guitar for a singer and songwriter, for his band Arlo McKinley and the Lonesome Sounds.

Mr. Rowe’s music career started when he was in seventh grade, when he got cut from the school’s basketball team. Mr. Rowe learned to play the guitar on his mother’s old guitar. Since then he has learned how to play drums, bass, and several other instruments and is now learning how to play the harmonica. “I started performing when I was 16. A lot of places wouldn’t allow me to perform because I was too young, but fortunately some places allowed me to play as long as my Father came with me. I performed classical guitar throughout Chicago when I was in college as well.” In 2014, Mr. Rowe was hired as a session guitarist for one of Arlo McKinley’s projects, and after working with the music and people decided to continue to perform with Arlo McKinley and the Lonesome Sounds.

“Mr. Rowe makes fun games out of a lesson or makes up a fun way to tell a myth or story,” said Hayden Gessner, sixth grader. Mr. Rowe started as a musician, then started teaching, and is now sticking with teaching.