The Musical cast is set for Oliver


Campbell Smith, Staff Writer

Imagine standing alone, facing a panel of judges and singing. For most, that can be a terrifying thought. However, for those who auditioned for the school musical, it was reality. This year the musical is Oliver! Many students went through the audition process hoping for a chance to be part of the drama experience.

Oliver Twist is a classic by Charles Dickens. The musical Oliver! is by Lionel Bart based off the novel. In the 1800s, Oliver was a lonely orphan boy. He worked in a workhouse before being sold to a funeral director. He ran away and joined a crew of pickpockets and thieves led by the elderly “Fagin”. Oliver was arrested for a crime that he didn’t commit, and Fagin was worried that Oliver would reveal the location of his hideout. Fagin then ordered, the sinister Bill Sikes and sympathetic Nancy to kidnap him back. There is a great deal of struggles in the plot, similar to the struggles of auditioning for the musical.

The process of auditioning for a musical may seem strange to those who haven’t done it before. Mr. Jason Burgess, the theatre director, said, “The number of people auditioning each year is typically between 80 and 100. The number of people interviewing for crew is another 80 to 100 as well.” Students that wish to audition sign up for their time slot, select a song and monologue, learn a dance the day of, and then put their hard work to the test. “I feel nervous but excited about auditioning because I have an opportunity to get a big part this year, and I don’t want to mess it up,” said Laney Smith, eighth grader. Auditions can be stressful especially with the pressure of trying to get a lead role in the musical.

After one audition comes another, callbacks. A callback is essentially a second audition but using material from the show instead of songs and monologues that students selected. This helps determine who will receive which role in the show. After callbacks, the cast list is posted, Mr. Burgess typically casts 45 to 50 in the shows. Then, the hard work begins. Rehearsals round the clock. Memorizing songs, lines, and dances. Mr. Burgess said, “The hardest part is the organization of it. There are roughly 100 people involved so you are juggling 100 schedules, conflicts, colds, etc. It is a lot. But the final product is always worth it.” Most students are always stressed on opening night, but they always seem to find a way to bring it all together.

The results were posted, and the cast list is set. Getting a role in the musical is a challenge. Performing the musical, is a product of really hard work and keeping composure under pressure. The dates of the shows are Thursday, January 23 at 7:30, Friday, January 24 at 7:30, Saturday, January 25, 7:30, and Sunday, January 26 at 2:00. Keep the musical in mind this January.

Oliver-Spencer Ahfeld

Mr. Bumble- Cole Clare

Mr. Sowerberry- Jonah Moore

Mrs. Sowerberry- Norah Shadwell

Charlotte- Kate Langlinais

Noah Claypole- Grayson Smith

Dodger- Charlotte Smith

Charley Bates- Rafe Pinkston

Fagin- Jameson Zoller

Nancy- Samantha Heilman

Bet- Zoe Hyden

Bill Sykes- Evan Stuart

Mr. Brownlow- Griffin Sanders

Mr. Grimwig- Ryan Groneck

Mrs. Bedwin- Campbell Smith

Old Sally- Emma Doerr