Halloween Gets and Overhall


Avalyn Jansen, Staff Writers

“I thought that the pumpkin deco and costume contest was cool, and the activities were fun,” said Chelsea Crisler, seventh grader. Halloween around school got a makeover. There were new activities and contests like student and teacher costume contests, a pumpkin contest and the teachers planned Halloween themed activities.

The student costume contest had three categories. They were the best duo, funniest and best overall. The winners for the best duo were  Franny Smith, Saryn Stepner, Chloe Crisler, sixth graders. They did the theme of Starbucks. The winner of the funniest costume was Somfe Nzekwu seventh grader. She was a baby complete with a diaper. The best overall winner was Sage Rosen, eighth grader, dressed as Mal from “Descendants”. The winners of the contest received a Graeter’s gift card and a bag of candy.

In the teacher contest the categories were best individual costume and best group costumes. The winner for the best individual costume was Mr. Chris Gratsch (Mrs. Lori Duncan’s Assistant) as Mozart. The winner of the best group costume was Mrs. Susan Anderson, seventh grade science teacher, Mrs. Leslie Bradshaw, seventh grade math teacher, and Mr. Eric Shufflebarger, seventh grade social studies, as sea creatures.

Along, with the costume contest, There was a pumpkin decorating contest with categories of scary, funny, carving, unique/original, school spirit, and overall Winner. The winner of the scariest was Raina Bacis with “Things that happen with everyone.” The funniest winner was by Mrs. Lindsey Reckers called “Mr. Feldman”. The best carving was the “Pumpkin House” by Lily Reinhart, sixth grader. The winner unique/original “The PopcornPumpkin” by AJ Street, Sophia Agin, Ellie Mohr, and Ella Cox, seventh graders. The best school spirit is “Highlands goes to Space” by Lauren Bertasso and Anna McCoy, eighth grade. Last but not least the overall winner was “Fly High” by Mr. Brian Alessandro’s Lead class.

To make the day even better most teachers planned Halloween themed activities. Mrs. Reckers said, “They did a Halloween math game.” Mrs. Amy Fry, eighth grade teacher, did a scary poem read aloud and an escape room.