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    Lobsters and COVID
    Kaitlyn Ryan, Writer • January 6, 2022

    Why don’t lobsters like to share… because they are shellfish. This old joke brings up the latest and greatest, “Where did Covid start?”...

    Group Projects: What’s Going On?
    Group Projects: What’s Going On?
    Charlotte Weghorst, Writer • January 6, 2022

    The phrases, “Teamwork is the Dreamwork” and, “There’s no ‘I’ in ‘Team’!” have been engrained into the minds of students for...

    Carlisle Park
    Meredith Kleier, Writer • January 6, 2022

    There are a total of eleven parks in Fort Thomas. There is Highland Park, Tower Park, and Rossford Park Riggs Memorial Park, Fort Thomas Soccer...

    ASL In Today’s World
    ASL In Today’s World
    Maddie Mulcahy, Writer • January 6, 2022

    According to “Without Sign Language, Deaf People Are Not Equal,” more than 70 million people use American Sign Language (ASL) every day,...

    The Aeronautic Circus
    The Aeronautic Circus
    Jackson Brown, Writer • January 3, 2022

    “I think that the aeronautic circus is an all-around good band because the band members have a good bond together, and they are producing the...

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    I’m Charlotte Weghorst, an eighth grader at Highlands Middle School! I participate in Student Council, Book Club, Softball, Chamber Orchestra, the school musical, and Journalism. In my free time I enjoy...

    My name is Jackson Brown and I am in 8th grade. I played for Highlands Middle School Football and I sometimes play basketball. I joined journalism because I thought it would be a fun class to take. I also...

    My name is Jenny Rosenthal, and I am in the 8th grade. I am a member on the school’s dance team, but I am not able to participate due to a knee injury. Outside of school, I like to listen to music and...

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